Why is Portugal so popular?

Get to know why so many celebrities chose the country to live in.

GPW Invest – October 15, 2018

Some celebrities, like Madonna, Michael Fassbender, Monica Bellucci, Eric Cantona, and Christian Louboutin felt attracted by the Portuguese weather and the warmth of its people, choosing Portugal to be their new home.

There is no shortage of reasons to live here and to justify why the Iberian country is so popular. Portugal was elected the Best European Destination for the second time in 2018, by the World Trade Awards, and was awarded 36 prizes, like the Best Island Destination, for the Madeira island, and the Best City European Destination and Best Cruise Port, for the city of Lisbon.

The international media is tired of highlighting the usual favourite cities, like London, Berlin, Roma, New York, and so on. Be it to live or visit, people want different experiences, with the perfect mix of rest, comfort and excitement. Portugal, the fourth more peaceful country in the world in 2018, gives many experiences to a vast public, and that goes from the typical tourist to the Hollywood celebrity.

Peace, political stability and warm cosy weather are the main factors that make Portugal so popular, at least that is what the queen of pop, Madonna, thinks. In the August edition of the magazine Vogue Italy, the singer highlighted the magical enchantment of Sintra, as well of other places outside Lisbon (the artist lives in the Lapa neighbourhood, in the Portuguese capital), where she can ride horses, an activity she loves to do with her children, something the singer showed in a video posted on her Instagram. Moreover, one of her children chose the Benfica football academy to start a career in that sport that is so popular in the country.

Besides the queen of pop, the famous Hollywood’ couple, Michael Fassbender, Irish, and Alicia Vikander, Swedish, also chose the country to be their meeting point between filming, choosing the Alfama neighbourhood, in Lisbon, to be their retreat. Vikander also spoke with the Vogue magazine, where she talked about how Lisbon has many resemblances with the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Williamsburg, mainly because of “Lisbon’s old industrial spaces [that] have been remade into chic restaurants and shops”.

One of the most distinguished Hollywood actors, John Malkovich that already knows Portugal for over 15 years, loves everything about the country, be it its people or the landscapes. The actor ended up being interviewed by Lisbon City Hall about why it is so good to live here, not being short in compliments. Malkovich said that Portugal is one of the best countries to live the retirement years.

The Italian actress Monica Bellucci also has chosen the Iberian country to live with her family, picking the Castelo neighbourhood (also in Lisbon). She chose one of the many international schools in Portugal for her two daughters. The magazine ELLE France made a cover with the actress, having Lisbon in the background.

The former football player, and now actor, Eric Cantona also lives in Lisbon, but no one knows where. We only know that he loves to live in the city that he calls “the Rio of Europe”.

The famous shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, says that Portugal is his third home, after France and Italy, and explains why he loves the country: “because I love the Portuguese. It’s not possible to like a country without liking its people”. The designer started living in Comporta, more than ten years ago, and now lives between Lisbon and the Alentejo region. Louboutin is not short in compliments when he talks about Portugal, “I’m in peace when I draw here”.

Although from very different areas and origins, these celebrities are unanimous: they choose Portugal to live or to spend a significant part of the year because the people are friendly, the country is one of the most peaceful in the world and has an incredible climate. These are the reasons that make Portugal so popular.

Let yourself fall in love with Portugal and make it the destination of your life.
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