Real Estate Investment in Portugal

We can help you obtain your Residence
Permit by Investing in Real Estate

Obtaining residency in a foreign country can be one of the most valuable benefits of buying real estate abroad.

GPW Invest provides a broad spectrum of real estate related services for all asset classes, including:

  • Identifying the Investment
  • Location selection in Portugal
  • Find property in accordance with investor needs, specifications and cost
  • Research average days on market for property of this type, price range and location for future short rental profitability.
  • Access to Off-market properties with higher yeld
  • Evaluation of debt-investment real estate opportunities
  • Offer pricing strategy based on professional judgement of current Portuguese and international market conditions
  • Price negotiation and terms on behalf of buyer/investor
  • Act as fiduciary for the buyer/investor
  • Review property tax roll information (Caderneta predial)
  • Review property legal information (Conservatoria Predial)
  • Assist the buyer/investor in making an offer for the property
  • Liaison with partner lawyer office to prepare real estate purchase contract
  • Note if there are any and all unrecorded property lines, agreements, easements
  • Review current appraisal, if available

GPW Invest principles insure integrity, good faith, exceptional customer experiences, and steadfast attention to detail at every level, as a way of normal business practice.

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