Engineering, Interior Design & Art

Enjoy stress-free your investment or new home

Interior Design

We offer a full range of interior design and space planning services.
Custom Tailor Solutions to your taste, budget and requirements.
Our team creates perfectly integrated environments according your needs, so you can enjoy your new home stress-free.
At this level, the interior designer is deeply involved in the project from start to finish and is sourcing, purchasing, and ensuring the delivery and installation of every visible aspect of the project.

All In One!
Engineering + Design + Furniture
Adapting client requirements with their budget, we offer a turn-key service: project management with all possible design solutions built on time, respecting contracts, schedules and budgets, to better serve clients during their constructions and renovations.


Do you need consultation on acquiring Art?
Would you like to buy contemporary art pieces for your house?
Not only we have an acclaimed international artist on our team to advise you, but soon we’ll have some pieces available to sell here, just for you.

Investment Consulting
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