GPW at the Money, Wealth, Business Conference 2018

Positioning for success is thinking and acting smart

Our GPW’s CEO Monica Fontoura was a proud speaker in South Africa at Money, Wealth & Business Conference 2018. It was a 3-day business event designed to educate entrepreneurs on how to grow their business. This was the brainchild of JT Foxx, the world’s #1 wealth and business coach, to bring over 23 speakers from 17 countries, all whom achieved great success over difficult odds.

Monica Fontoura address in front of thousands was about “Positioning for Success” sharing with the audience her many marketing and business rules that made her businesses thrive internationally and contributed to a meaningful and successful career.

As our CEO said in this address:

“Positioning for success is being a Portuguese expert living in Switzerland that applies Swiss resources and methodologies to help people get a Golden Visa to Europe by investing safely in Portugal.”
“It’s being at the right place with the right people.”
“It’s taking advantages of the opportunities around you.”
“It’s thinking and acting smart.”

After speaking about modern market Positioning types and telling the crowd about the “5 Secrets to Position your business for success”, she teached the audience step-by-step process on how to write any Positioning Statement. If you are interested in learning from Monica Fontoura about how to draft your Marketing Positioning Statement, fill out the contact form so we can gladly send you the information.

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