Property Due Diligence

We do your homework before you as client or investor actually make the purchase

Real Estate Due diligence means taking caution, performing calculations, reviewing documents, procuring insurance, walking the property, etc. — essentially doing your homework for the property BEFORE you as client or investor actually make the purchase.

If there are too many issues with the property — and that means too much potential risk and cost — then the client can cancel the purchase agreement (promissory contract) and look for a better property.

Here are just a few of the steps that apply to both personal residences and investment properties, although some steps may only apply to one:

  1. Shop Portuguese marketplace
  2. Access to open and closed market
  3. Pencil out your investment
  4. Property inspections
  5. Title / Ownership Revision
  6. Planning permissions
  7. Outstanding debt of the property or property owner
  8. Mortgage financing support
  9. Title Insurance and plat
  10. Mandatory licences when required
  11. Homeowners association in Portugal

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