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  • Our goal is to make your investment risk free.
  • We give you financial consultation so you know what to expect.
  • Our experts and partners have a track record over 30 years’ experience in Real Estate, Legal & Tax in Portugal, Securities, Finance, Interior Design, Hotel & Tourism Management among others.
  • GPW Invest has a customized program to fit YOUR needs.
  • We work exclusively for you- the Buyer, to source and secure real estate in Portugal.
  • GPW offers after service care to keep your investment safe and secure by giving you access to our established network of professional services.
  • As expatriates in Switzerland we understand your needs and concerns about moving or investing in a foreign country.
  • Because we have “Swissness” in us, we make sure sophistication, quality,reliability, space, high standards, wealth, quality of life, modernism, openness, functionality, quality of service are at the core of our services.
  • We find you capital growth or positive cash flow properties.
  • We are “unique” after all!
  • Whatever it is, Swissness and Portugal is all around us, it is predominantly positive and if you are thinking of relocating or investing in Portugal, we hope you are intrigued to discover these all so difficult qualities synonymous with Swissness in Portugal for yourself.

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