Retirement in Portugal: The wonderland of the expat community!

Portugal é um paraíso para os expatriados que procuram viver no exterior nos seus anos dourados.

GPW Invest – February 10, 2020

The audacity of the Portuguese led them in 1415 to venture into the sea and make known to the world what “was beyond the Atlantic”. This moment of history brought very special peculiarities to the country, from its culture to its cuisine. And especially the way that the Portuguese people deal with other cultures and welcome expats and make them feel at home. And surprisingly, it is a very affordable country and is not crowded with tourists.

At the entrance of the “world’s freeway”

Portugal is in the far west of Europe. Just one step from the rest of the world! Thus being the main entrance to the rest of the world. Its accessibility attracts retired people not only from Europe but also from America. For example, a direct flight from New York City to Lisbon takes under six hours.

The weather in Portugal is pleasantly mild and the sun reigns most of the year. The climate is often compared to southern California because it never reaches large temperature spikes. Neither cold nor heat.

The best of Portugal is that in such a small territory you can have access to a panoply of unique experiences within a couple hours of driving! Enjoy Algarve’s beautiful beaches, the tranquility of Alentejo’s plains, a night of fados in Lisbon, the spirituality of Fatima, the ski fields in Serra da Estrela, the history of the north of Portugal (where Portugal was born) and the forests from Geres. Food? That is amazing  everywhere.

Choose to retire in Portugal with GPW’s help!


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