10 reasons to spend your retirement in Portugal

GPW Invest – 16 février 2022

It’s time for your retirement and suddenly the world opens up for you! You now have the opportunity to have an international experience during the famous “golden years”.

Portugal has been a popular place for retirees, either to live permanently or to spend a few seasons.

But what are the reasons? Why should you retire in Portugal?

Check out our list:

1. Security and peace of mind
Portugal is a very safe country with a low level of crime. Both in the countryside and in big cities, you will be able to live in peace.

2. Climate
If you are looking for mild climates, Portugal is the right place for you !. The Lisbon slogan could be “300 days of sunshine a year”. Enjoy the unique light of this country bathed in beaches.

3. Hospitality
Portugal is a country of emigrants and welcomes its immigrants, being long time travelers, they know the feeling of those who arrive in a new place for the first time. You can choose to live among the most cosmopolitan and international environments of big cities, or live as a local and discover the traditions of the interior of the country.

4. Accessibility and infrastructure
Portugal offers three airports: Porto (North), Lisbon (Center) and Faro (South). Situated at the western end of the continent, you can easily travel to America, and in less than three hours you can fly to the main capitals of Europe. And if you prefer, you can also take advantage of the railways and motorways that connect all European countries.

5. Cost of living
Portugal has one of the lowest living costs in the European Union. In the Numeo Index (decreasing ranking of cost of living), in 2023 Portugal ranked 66th world country and 28th European compared its rankings to Switzerland 1st, UK 17th, France 9th or Malta 18th.

6. Very competitive taxation
Thanks to the Portuguese program “Non-habitual resident”, you will be able to live the first ten years in Portugal without paying fees and taxes.

7. Heritage and authenticity
Portugal, being one of the oldest countries in the world, is rich in history and traditions, resulting in a series in places classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

8. Gastronomy
If you ask someone who has visited Portugal what they liked most about the country, the most certain thing is that Gastronomy is in the top 3 of the answers. Each region offers a range of traditional, Mediterranean and flavor-rich dishes that promote conviviality around the table. Portuguese wines, produced in 14 certified regions and from a variety of 285 different grape varieties, are highly appreciated both inside and outside the country.

9. Luxury real estate at competitive prices
Make your investment in Europe with less resources. Lisbon remains one of the European capitals with the lowest price per square meter.

10. Eurozone financial stability
Despite the European crisis, this bloc remains one of the engines of the global economy and a refuge currency. Health systems, legislation, social protection make these countries a place of high quality of life.

And if this list has convinced you, GPW Invest will be happy to assist you in your process:

– Find the best solutions for your retirement.
– We look for the perfect home for you, whether for permanent or temporary residence; and we assist you throughout the purchase process.
– We will be at your side to ensure that you and your family settle into the new home in the most comfortable way.
– Options regarding health solutions and international schools;
– Advice on your asset management and that of your family members;
– Possibility of renting the property (for example, until you reach retirement age) with the option of temporary use by the owner.


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